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Wendy George

Wendy George, the founder and CEO of Babette Home Care in Newton, MA, has dedicated over 40 years to the home care industry. With a wealth of clinical experience, Wendy’s passion for providing compassionate care led her to establish Babette Home Care, named after her late client, Babette. 

Wendy’s journey in caregiving began at a young age when she cared for her mother, who had Parkinson’s disease. This experience ignited her lifelong mission to assist others in their journey of aging gracefully.

Throughout her career, Wendy has received remarkable feedback from clients and their families. Many have reconnected with her years later, seeking her help once again. 

Wendy’s clients became her advocates, recognizing her dedication and willingness to go above and beyond. However, the limited number of patients she could assist left her feeling frustrated. It was after Babette’s passing that Wendy decided to create Babette Home Care, aiming to share her gifts and positively impact more lives.

Wendy takes great pride in the quality of care provided to each patient and the caregivers she selects. She personally interacts with every client and their family to ensure the best possible outcomes. Wendy’s ability to bring a smile to anyone’s face sets Babette Home Care apart. The company’s unique strength lies in the level of love and compassion that permeates throughout. Wendy provides mentorship for caregivers and their individual patient assignments. This secret ingredient is what makes Babette Home Care truly exceptional