Our Commitment to Quality Home Care


CORI & Background Checks

Credentials & Licensing

Insured & Bonded

Love is at the heart of it all!

At Babette Home care we only hire the best! Our Caregivers are passionate about what they do and love is at the heart of it all.  We ensure the safety of our clients with CORI and background checks, a major part of our hiring process. 80% of our caregivers are from networking recommendations, including family members, friends of friends, neighbors. The other 20% are actively being recruited online. We also hire our caregivers based on their credibility and our caregivers are fully insured and bounded.

Our Hiring Process

Step 1: Applications
We only hire applicants that meet our minimum requirements:
certificates, experience, and medical requirements
Step 2: In-Person Interview
Every caregiver is interviewed face-to-face, in a careful screening process that ensures that meet all our core commitements.
Step 3: Security Check
A complete background check, including a CORI check, is preformed. Health and safety checks have been preformed for all of our caregivers.
Step 4: Orientation
After being hired, our caregivers are required to attend an orientation sessions where they learn about our clients' illnesses and diseases.
Step 5: Caregiver Matching
We match our caregivers based on the experiences, qualities, and our clients' needs.
Step 6: On-going Training Sessions
Our caregivers are consistently trained in ongoing, monthly sessions with courses on the services we provide, updated medical knowledge about common illnesses we treat, and how to best assist our clients.

How do you know you can trust us?

Expert Knowledge

We have our reliable nurse practitioners on call, that are there to assist our caregivers as needed.

On-going Training

Our caregivers are trained by professionals throughout the year about relevant medical topics, including dementia, body and safety procedure, meal preparation, and more.